Wise Wedding Planning For You

Who else wants the insider tips that professional wedding planners use
to pull off amazing weddings for celebrities, the rich and the famous...
And how to make it happen for yourself without the expensive, impossible-to-get
professional wedding planners and without the massive budget...

See, when businesses hear the word "wedding" they see the money signs $$$.
Everything seems more expensive for a wedding...
Cakes cost 10 times the price... When it's for a wedding.
Hair costs 4 times the price of a top salon... When it's for a wedding.
Food for the wedding can cost 4 times what it usually does.... When it's for a wedding.
And the list goes on...
See, businesses are used to ripping people off on their big day, because they KNOW people will pay it... It's their big day.
But there's REALLY no need to OVERPAY for your wedding... you can get the same quality without the over-inflated prices if you know where to go, and what to do... and that's what this page is all about.
I'm going to show you how you can have a MORE impressive wedding, something that can equal the rich and famous people's weddings at a FRACTION of the cost... In fact, I'm that certain I can help you, I'll put MY money where my mouth is.

When you get my guide, you don't just get an empty promise. It's guaranteed to save you money, because otherwise, you can return it anytime within 60 days of purchase and get a full refund.
That's how confident I am that the secrets you'll learn here will work.

  • Navigate through the wedding industry like a pro!
  • Save tons of $$money$$ by going straight to the source of the things you will need!
  • Start your life together with lots of wonderful happy memories that won’t get you in debt!
  • Get exactly the wedding that you want – at the price that you’re willing to pay!
  • Avoid costly mistakes engaged couples make that can jack your expenses up by at least 100% to 200%
  • Find out where you can get a little army of free and cheap skilled labor that can help you with your wedding preparations
  • Get creative and classy ideas to realize the theme of your dream wedding!

Dear Bride to Be,
Getting married is a wonderful time in a person’s life. It’s that once in a lifetime moment when two people declare to the world that they have chosen to love and to cherish each other forever. It is an important event in any person’s life and every bride and groom want to make sure that everything goes perfectly right.
Everyone has a dream-come-true wedding plan; their idea of a perfect wedding. Whether it be a large celebration or a small group of very close friends, the couple-to-be usually know what they want.
These days, more often than not, weddings are a big production. Even those couples that may want a small intimate wedding may find that as soon as they announce their engagement, their wedding plans begin to get blown out of proportion because of obligation to relatives and friends. This is a normal reaction to any wedding news. It is happy news, after all, and people want to spread the word.
The problem with this is that usually, this is how weddings begin to get out of hand. This is how budgets are blown, overspending happens, couples are distressed, and dreams or hopes for the original wedding fall away from focus.
It's sad enough that most don't get their exact fantastic dream-wedding, and that most couples will settle for a very nice wedding that they've compromised (both with each other and with their parents) over, but the fact that they've overspent in terms of their budget, and may have to start their married life in debt or at an absolute zero is bad news. Though many love getting married, no one wants to go broke because of it!
Why do couples go broke or go way over the budget? It's because the wedding industry is designed in such a way that makes you spend more than less. Wedding suppliers know how important this event is in your life and they feed on your fear that it won’t be as perfect as you’ve wanted it to be. No couple wants to be remembered for a disastrous wedding. This is the strategy that they use to get you to spend on things you don’t really want or need.
Many of the suppliers will tell you something is specialized for a wedding when it is not. And because this service or object has the word “wedding” tagged on to it, it goes up in price! As a result, you're not really getting what you paid for.
There are so many extra costs which come in unnecessarily all because people know you are planning a wedding and are willing to spend on it. Because of this, the average wedding in the United States costs $26,000-$30,000! Factor in the fact that most start out couples have a combined income of $55,000 yearly, and you'll see why many of them start their married lives with some big debts to pay!
But the truth is, it doesn’t matter how much you’re willing to spend. If you want to avoid going over and beyond your budget, you need to have a plan in place. If you plan on having the wedding that you like at the budget that you have, you need to think ahead.
If you want to learn the strategies to getting the wedding you want at the price you want, then you’re going to need to smarten up and learn about the ins and outs of the wedding business. You need to know where to go to get the best suppliers. You need to know how to outsmart the suppliers into giving you a fair price. You need to figure out where to get the help and the skilled manpower you need to execute the wedding of your dreams at a low price.
Of course, no supplier will willingly share this information with you. After all, they’re in business to make money. Hiring a wedding coordinator to do everything for you may not always turn out to be a better alternative. Getting the services of a wedding coordinator is expensive, and on top of the fee you are paying them, you know that they also get commission from all the suppliers they will be using on your wedding. So you can just imagine the additional $$$ that gets added to your total bill.
But you’re in luck, because you’ve found this site. I’ve put together information on planning and putting together a wedding that will help you bring down the cost of your wedding substantially by telling you exactly where professional wedding planners source their materials and where you can get the best deals!
This information has been used by several friends of mine in their own weddings with a lot of success and a lot of savings. It’s been so successful in fact that they convinced me to publish this information because they know first hand how this information will help a lot of couples begin their life together more prosperously.
You may be wondering, where did I get the information I’m about to share with you? Well, I’ve been working as an assistant wedding coordinator for about 3 years, and then a year ago, I was a blushing bride myself. The training in planning and executing various wedding themes of various scale has helped me plan my own wedding and has revealed to me the secrets of where to find the best bargains when it comes to wedding supplies and suppliers. And the great thing about this information is that it’s all recent!
Just take a look at some of the information I’ve put together for you:

If you know what this is and you avoid it, you can reduce your costs by at least half! Imagine that! Just one mistake can be the difference between more money for your new life together or going into debt.
Food is one of the things that most people remember about the wedding party. Why settle for bland and generic wedding fare when you can have the best cuisines that fits your budget.
If you are working full time and planning a wedding at the same time, time management and knowing in advance what tasks you need to accomplish are definite musts! Find out exactly what you need to do, and in what order you need to. Find out which tasks you can delegate and which ones you really have to do yourself.

We all know how important it is to get professional quality outputs, especially from our photographer and videographer. Find out how you can get amazing quality without the giant price tag.

The clothes for the entire party can easily cost you a fortune – that is, if you don’t know where to shop for them. Find out how you can slash your costs by half and still get a fabulous wedding gown, suits, and gowns for your wedding party.

Yes, it’s possible to serve the drinks you like to serve at your wedding without paying an arm and a leg. Find out the insider tricks and tips on how you can accomplish this!

Find out when the best time to get married is to score the best deals! And find out what days NEVER to have your wedding on.
All that and more is what you’ll find in the eBook that I have put together, that you can download here. If you are a bride or groom who wants to know everything you really should know about your wedding, like where all your money is going and if it's worth the cost, then this is going to be the best information you'll ever read!

NOW, you can have the best of both worlds! You can have your original dream wedding and at the same time not spend too much money on the entire production. There is a product that any bride, groom, or helpful friend can use and follow to solve all the needless spending!

This product is very easy to follow. It helps couples figure out what they really want in their wedding, which is a powerful tool in saving money and being happy. It teaches couples all the ins and outs of a wedding, the details that need to be attended to, what is customary, and how they can save or cut costs but still have a good wedding, and it discusses various wedding themes couples can consider to make their wedding unique!

This amazing product is a brand new eBook called...

This fantastic eBook covers and discusses nearly all the details you will need and want to know about what goes into planning a wedding, and how to plan it yourself!

Just imagine being able to cut out the expensive cost of a wedding planner, and still being completely confident in planning your wedding yourself because the book will tell you just what to do. Imagine being able to choose your own sources, find cheaper means of decorating your venues, and having the knowledge that your wedding will be perfect because of you!

Those are just three of the many reasons why this brand new eBook is a great tool for your wedding success! It will:
  • remove your need for a wedding planner,
  • show you how to arrange and organize your time so that you get everything done,
  • help you plan your wedding ceremony and reception, give you ideas for cheaper options for each wedding detail,
  • save you money in the process.
  • PLUS!! It shows you how you can get a master of ceremonies for free!
Now you can plan your own dream wedding without stressing about how to go about it or missing out on any of the details. You can also consider a fabulous theme wedding that you've only dreamed of! It'll all be the result of this product!

'Wise Wedding Planning: Making the Perfect Theme Wedding Possible At Any Price'
is packed with all the information you need to know on how to plan your own wedding and save money in the process! From this eBook you will learn:
  • What the wedding industry is keeping a secret from you!
  • How items that have the word “wedding” tagged to it cost so much more.
  • How planning your own wedding pays off.
  • The golden rule to planning a wedding – that is guaranteed to slash your suppliers’ rates by 20% to 50%
  • How to figure out exactly what you and your fiancĂ©e want for yourselves!
  • How to get yourself organized for wedding planning and create a great memento in the process!
  • How and where to get a free team of wedding planners!
  • How to go about getting a marriage license.
  • Where and how to get fabulous wedding bands made cheaply but with great workmanship!
  • How to keep your guests to a minimum.
  • How to set a budget and not exceed it.
  • Choose a wedding date that is the cheapest time for a wedding.
  • How to plan your ceremony.
  • How to plan your reception.
  • How to find a good caterer.
  • How to get drinks for cheap!
  • How to hire wedding music without spending too much!
  • How to get professional pictures for less!
  • How to get a master of ceremonies for free!
  • Where and when to get cheap but beautiful flowers.
  • Where and how to get a good wedding cake.
  • How to decorate your wedding venues without hiring professional decorators!
  • When to send out your wedding invitations.
  • What to register for at your wedding registry.
  • How to get the perfect wedding dress for $100-$300 ONLY!
  • What to give away as wedding favors.
  • Ideas for wedding favors you can make at home. Recipes and procedures included!
  • Over 30 wedding themes you can follow or get inspiration from for your own theme wedding!
All of that is exactly why ‘Wise Wedding Planning: Making the PERFECT Theme Wedding Possible At Any Price!' is truly a bargain at
$99.95 $49.95!!
Why is this amazing eBook so affordable? Well, it is because all couples deserve to have their dream-come-true wedding without having to overspend or set a ridiculous amount of money aside for a wedding budget! Since this is a digital eBook, the costs to deliver it to you are small compared to if it was printed out and shipped to you via mail (which would raise the costs to $129.00).

Unlike other wedding planning books that contain lots of pretty pictures to fill the pages and thus costs a lot more, this eBook is just brimming with information that will save you money, that will save you time, that will save you from undue stress and that will pave the way for you and your groom to start your lives together happily and more prosperously!

What Are Others Saying About 'Wise Wedding Planning'?
Here's what they have to say about my Wise Wedding Planning!
"To be honest, I was on my way to becoming that ghastly woman - until I came upon this book. It shows how you can organize your wedding without the confusion that a ton of lists usually brings."
--Fantastic Wedding Day (http://www.fantastic-wedding-day.com/planning/wise-wedding-planning)

"If you’re in search of something which will help you with a wedding – regardless of whether it be yours or another person’s – then this book is a perfect fit for you."
--Bride and Groom Wedding Speeches (http://www.brideandgroomweddingspeeches.com/wedding-planning.html)

"This book helps couples figure out what they really want in their wedding, which is a powerful tool in saving money and being happy. It teaches couples all the ins and outs of a wedding, the details that need to be attended to, what is customary, and how they can save or cut costs but still have a good wedding, and it discusses various wedding themes couples can consider to make their wedding unique!"
--Malaysia Wedding Planner (http://malaysiaweddingplanner.com/wedding-planner-books-wedding-flowers-wedding-MC.html)

"Wise Wedding Planning will give you all the strategies and more. It will help you plan your wedding ceremony and reception, give you ideas for affordable options for each wedding detail, plus save you money."
--Wedding Supplies Info (http://www.weddingsuppliesinfo.com/wise-wedding-planning.html)

"It shows how you can organize your wedding without the confusion that a ton of lists usually brings. From tips on getting a marriage license, to the guest list, to making the checklists and the timelines that go with it, to budgeting, etc. – her book covers all of these and more. There are even themes you can choose from – more than enough for your budget to go on."
--Mohamed Haris Rahman (http://www.howtoplanawedding.zedicate.com/planning-a-wedding-prices/)

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"It is great for both professional wedding planners and everyone who want to plan their own wedding. The main advantage of this course is that it will not only save your time and show the best solutions for your wedding, but it will also show you how to slash your costs by up to 85%."
--Wedding Planning Courses (http://www.weddingplanningcourses.org/)

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"Buying this book has been one of the best decisions I've ever made with regards to my wedding. After making a few adjustments to the plans I already made, I was willing to start over. My wedding was perfect – and it cost me less than what I expected, with a little left over in the budget to add to honeymoon costs. It was amazing! And I was even asked by a friend to plan her wedding too, so this book is currently helping me do so."
--EzineMark.Com (http://society.ezinemark.com/wise-wedding-planning-review-making-the-perfect-theme-wedding-possible-at-any-price-169bc79a8d6.html)

'Wise Wedding Planning: Making the PERFECT Theme Wedding Possible At Any Price!' is extremely worth every penny considering all the secrets you will learn, all the stress you will be doing without, and all the money you'll be saving. And with all that money going into your new life together, it’s more than enough to pay for this eBook many times over! Plus, you'll be completely in control of your own wedding!!

But that's not all, here's something else you will receive along with the eBook, which will make it the best investment you'll ever make when it comes to making your dream wedding come true:

We all know how important the wedding toasts and speeches are. And we also know that speaking in public is something that a lot of people fear. So why not help out your best man and maid of honor, as well as your parents and yourselves prepare for your wedding speeches by using the tips in this eBook ‘Weddings Toasts & Speeches

This amazing bonus product discusses tips and ideas for the necessary toasts and speeches that are often said at a wedding. This can be a very important guide to the bride and groom, best man, maid of honor, and the couple's parents! From this bonus you will learn:
  • How long a good speech should be.
  • How to break the ice or start your speech off on a good note.
  • What topics to stay away from when speaking!
  • How to end your speech.
  • What is expected of your speech.
  • The order in which speeches are usually given.
Just imagine how wonderful your wedding will turn out once you use all the secrets in ‘Wise Wedding Planning: Making the PERFECT Theme Wedding Possible At Any Price!' Plus the bonus product 'Wedding Toasts and Speeches' is yours totally free when you order the eBook!

For just $49.95, which is just a fraction of what a professional wedding planner would charge you, and the same amount of money you would spend on a fancy dinner for two, you'll get more information that you can handle, and save at least 50% of what you would otherwise spend on your wedding.
Keep in mind that this is the only place where you can get your hands on this product right now!! (You can instantly download it here!)

But wait, that’s not all!
You’re not only getting a great product that is guaranteed to save you a lot of money and help you plan and execute your dream wedding flawlessly and professionally…
You’re not only getting a great bonus eBook that’s going to help you, your parents, your best man and your bridesmaid deliver memorable wedding toasts and speeches…

Sounds good? Let me make it even better!
Because when you get your copy of "Wise Wedding Planning: Making the Perfect Theme Wedding Possible At Any Price", not only do you get the free bonus  book, "Weddings Toasts & Speeches", but you also get  another eBook!
Pretty Perfect:
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A huge part of having the perfect wedding is looking perfect yourself! This eBook can solve any fat face problems you might have, and give you a healthy, slim, beautifully sculpted face the natural way: through facial exercises! This product is so easy to follow! It helps you figure out what is causing your fat face problem. It helps you determine exactly where your problem area/s is/are, it helps you understand your face shape and your body type better and how this can affect your fat face problem, and it helps you start a good routine which will rid you of your fat face for the rest of your life!
In this book, you will find:
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Plus! Every copy of “Pretty Perfect: A Guide To Understanding & Achieving A Slim Face And The Most Beautiful You! ” comes with a FREE bonus book, called:

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This amazing bonus product contains procedures for treatments that support the beauty regimen discussed in the eBook, all of which are used by many spas all over the world.
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So what are you getting for just $49.95?
You're getting FOUR amazing  eBooks all for the price of one!
That's an amazing deal!

Within 60 days after buying this product, you can read it, review it, apply the tips, see if they will really save you money and help you plan your wedding. And if this product falls short of your expectations, you will get your money back in full, no explanations needed. If you don’t love the eBook after having had it for 60 days, just send me an email and I will refund your money. And you don’t even have to return the eBook!

This eBook and its bonus product is so worth your time, and I have so much faith and confidence in it that I’m willing to extend this guarantee to you and completely take away any risks on your part in this purchase. So really, you have nothing to lose!
So, if you're ready to start planning your big day, and learn the secrets to save up to 85% of your wedding costs, at absolutely NO RISK to you, then click here to Download It Now!


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